Three Sheep

by Benge Elliott Jr.

Steel, 2003


A love of the Texas Hill Country has fueled my efforts sculpting in steel for thirty years, mimicking the flora and fauna of this unique region. Acquiring the skills to accomplish these pieces was a long and tedious process, failure occurred frequently during the early years, and the process itself is a hot, dangerous, and dirty business. My background in design, drawing, and printmaking provided a platform that defines my work. After three decades, the issues of manipulating the steel have been solved and the focus is on the subject matter, the principles of design, breathing life into each piece. My animals, gates, light fixtures, furniture, and wrought iron are a product of growing up outdoors in a unique part of Texas and that is the wildcard that injects personality into the finished piece and sets it apart.

*Collection of the City of Austin. PEOPLE'S CHOICE 2006 (Not Eligible for People's Choice Vote)