Artwork #62

Artwork #62

what's that you say?

by Sara Hannon, Council District 2

Acrylic on Canvas, 2021

Courtesy of the Artist

My paintings are loosely figurative and explore the idea that we are not fixed psychological beings. One side of our face may say one thing while the other side says another, and yet still, our profile is trying to communicate an entirely different scenario. The beings swarm with emotions, trying to communicate with one another. Awash in memories and hope, they tell a tale that never ends.

The inner self revealed in my sculpture is conveyed in 24K gold tile from Italy. This is the same material used in traditional Byzantine mosaics. The exterior surface of the geode tells the story of a life, as it’s presented to the world, and the people around us. It’s colorful, varied, a little haphazard at times, but also quite beautiful in its entirety.