West Texas Beach Ball

by Hank Waddell

Mesquite, 2004


This piece of mesquite started the series "Stump". Function: Verb, transitive senses. 1.) To reduce to a stump: TRIM. 2a.) DARE, CHALLENGE. 2b.) To frustrate the progress or efforts of: BAFFLE. 3.) To clear (land) of stumps. 4.) To travel over (a region) making political speeches or supporting a cause. Function: Noun. 1a.) The basal portion of a bodily part remaining after the rest is removed. 1b.) A rudimentary or vestigial body part. 2.) The part of a plant and especially a tree remaining attached to the root after the trunk is cut. 3.) A remaining part. 4.) A place or occasion for public speaking (as for a cause or candidate); Also, the circuit followed by a maker of such speeches, used especially in the phrase, "On a stump".

*Collection of the City of Austin. PEOPLE'S CHOICE 2005 (Not Eligible for People's Choice Vote)